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Texmo Pumps Price List PDF Download

Download Texmo Taro Pumps and Motors Prices – Texmo Pumping Solutions Price List PDF Download

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with a PDF of the Texmo Taro Pumping and Motors Price List Product List. You can find the Prices of Texmo Pumps and Motors, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of the post.


Texmo Pumps

Texmo is a global company, originating in India in 1956. Within their portfolio, they have brands servicing the Agricultural, Industrial and Domestic markets. As an organization, its focus has always been clear: Create the best possible products and care about people.


Since 1956, they have manufactured the most innovative and highest quality pumps and electrical motors for a range of applications under the Taro brand.

Texmo Pumps Price List

Texmo Submersible Pumps

Product NamePrice in INR
Texmo submersible pump13500.00 / Piece
1 – 3 HP 15 to 50 m Open Well Submersible Pumps, For Agriculture5000.00 / Piece
101 to 300 m Three Phase Texmo Submersible Pump, AC Powered, 1001 – 5000 LPM10000.00 / Piece
Texmo Single Phase 1hp Submersible Pumps15000.00 / Piece
5 – 20 HP 15 to 50 m Texmo Submersible Pump9500.00 / Piece
Three Phase Electric Texmo Submersible Pump20000.00 / Piece
Single Phase 1 HP Open Well Submersible Pump5000.00 / Piece
Single Phase Texmo Submersible Pump, AC Powered, 2 HP12500.00 / Set
Taxmo Model Pump3150.00 / Piece
Stainless Steel Multi Stage Pump Texmo Submersible Pumps, Maximum Discharge Flow: 100 – 500 Lpm13230.00 / Piece
Single Phase HRF 9/25 Texmo Submersible Pumps11760 / Piece
Single-Stage Pump 2HP Texmo Submersible Pumps18130.00 / Piece
Multi-Stage Pump 5 – 20 HP V6 Borewell Submersible Pumpsets, Stainless Steel14700.00 / Piece

Texmo Pumps and Motors

Product NamePrice in INR
Texmo Stage Pump9500.00 / Piece
Single Phase Jet Centrifugal Monoblock Pump Sets10000.00 / Set
Texmo Borewell Submersible Pumps11000.00 / Piece
Texmo Pump 5 HP11500.00 / Piece
Texmo Domestic Pumps10500.00 / Piece
Texmo Submersible Pump 7.5 HP11000.00 / Piece
Texmo Submersible Pump for 1000 feet23500.00 / Piece
Three Phase Texmo Submersible Pump9000.00 / Piece
Texmo Water Pump 0.5 HP7500.00 / Piece
Texmo Openwell Submersible Pump11760.00 / Piece
Texmo 2 HP Single Phase Motor20785 / Piece
Texmo Motor 0.5 HP5947.00 / Piece
Texmo Single Phase Centrifugal Monoblocs Pump9800.00 / Piece
Texmo Monoblock Pump7154.00 / Piece
Texmo 1hp Motor5488.00 / Piece
Texmo Motor 7.5 HP28694.00 / Piece
Texmo Pump 3 HP14700.00 / Piece
Texmo Motor 5HP17640.00 / Piece
Texmo 2 HP Single Phase Motor20785.00 / Piece
Texmo 3 HP 25 Stage Pump20041.00 / Piece


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