Standard Switchgear Price List 2023 PDF Download

Standard Switchgears Price List


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Standard Switchgear Price List 2023 PDF Download

Download Standard Electricals Domestic Switchgears Price List – Standard Switchgears complete latest price list PDF Download

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with a PDF of the Standard Switchgears Price list in India. You can find the latest prices of Standard Domestic Switchgears, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of the post.


Standard Switchgears

Standard Electricals’ has always strived to offer high-quality products to its consumers. And as always, the Domestic Switchgear range by Standard is the result of extensive research, development, and innovation to keep your appliances, wires, and most importantly, your loved ones, absolutely safe.


Being an important part of any electrical circuit, it is imperative to employ domestic switchgear to protect electrical appliances from short circuits and over currents. Explore the range of Domestic Switchgear that includes all sorts of MCBs, Switch Disconnectors, MCB Changeover Switches, RCCBs, Distributions Boards, and more.

Standard Switchgear Price List

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  Item Name  HSN CodeStd./Master Packing (No. of Unit/s)List Price in ` Per Unit
Blank Plate 1 Module8538900020 N / 120 N` 30.00
Dimmer 400 W8414903010 N / 60 N` 503.00
Dimmer 1000 W 2 Module8414903010 N / 30 N` 649.00
Fan Regulator 5 Step 2 Module8414903010 N / 80 N` 435.00
Fan Regulator 5 Step 1 Module8414903020 N / 160 N` 380.00
Indicator Lamp8531800020 N / 60 N` 89.00
RJ 11 with Shutter8536699020 N / 60 N` 132.00
T.V. Socket Ivy8536699020 N / 60 N` 122.00
RJ 45 Mounting With Jack (CAT6)8536699020 N / 60 N` 447.00
16 A Motor Starter8536901010 N / 100 N` 408.00
20 A Motor Starter8536901010 N / 100 N` 435.00
25 A Motor Starter8536901010 N / 100 N` 447.00
32 A Motor Starter8536901010 N / 100 N` 465.00
Buzzer* (New)8531109010 N / 30 N` 281.00
LED Footlight 2 Module (New)*940540909 N / 54 N` 548.00
USB Charger 2.1 A Single Port (New)*8504403010 N / 30 N` 858.00


You can download the Standard Electricals Switchgears Price List PDF from the download button given.

We hope you find this helpful content and are able to download the PDF for the price list of Standard Switchgears.

Download Standard Switchgears Price List

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