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Simon Switches Price List PDF Download

Download Simon Modular Switches, Regulators and Sockets complete price list PDFc- Simon Switches and Appliances Price List

This post will provide you with a PDF of the Simon Switches Price List for 2023. You can find the Simon Switchboards and Sockets Prices, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of the post.


Simon Electrical Products

Simon is one of the most reputed global brands of low-voltage electrical products from Spain with a group turnover of more than 300 Mn Euros. Established in 1916, Simon has an experience of over 100 years in the business of manufacturing wiring accessories voice data & multimedia connectivity systems for workstations professional LED lighting security and surveillance equipment, electrical protection systems, electric vehicle charging stations, and a host of other electronic solutions which enhances the lives of people around the globe.

Simon Switches Price List

Metallic FramesGoldMRPCavaMRPMint GreenMRPPackaging
Cover with frame 1M380610-035332380610-034332380610-03633220
Cover with frame 2M380620-035332380620-034332380620-03633220
Cover with frame 3M380630-035417380630-034417380630-03641720
Cover with frame 4M380640-035449380640-034449380640-03644920
Cover with frame 6M380660-035599380660-034599380660-03659915
Cover with frame 8M Hz. (10X3)380680-035821380680-034821380680-03682110
Cover & frame 8M 2Gang Hztl (9×3)381680-035821381680-034821381680-03682110
Cover with frame 8M Sq. (5X5)382680-035958382680-034958382680-0369588
Cover with frame 12M380612-0351,205380612-0341,205380612-0361,2058
Cover with frame 16M380616-0351,314380616-0341,314380616-0361,3146
Cover with frame 18M380618-0351,752380618-0341,752380618-0361,7524
Classic FrameBlancoMRPGrafitoMRPPlataMRPPackaging
Cover with frame 1M380610-030198380610-138316380610-03331620
Cover with frame 2M380620-030203380620-138321380620-03332120
Cover with frame 3M380630-030219380630-138342380630-03334220
Cover with frame 4M380640-030230380640-138375380640-03337520
Cover with frame 6M380660-030369380660-138599380660-03359915
Cover with frame 8M Hz. (10X3)380680-030438380680-138723380680-03372310
Cover & frame 8M 2Gang Hztl (9×3)381680-030438381680-138723381680-03372310
Cover with frame 8M Sq.(5X5)382680-030504382680-138832382680-0338328
Cover with frame 12M380612-030602380612-138986380612-0339868
Cover with frame 16M380616-030805380616-1381,259380616-0331,2596
Cover with frame 18M380618-030849380618-1381,369380618-0331,3694


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We hope you find this helpful content and are able to download the PDF for the Simon Appliances Price List.

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