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Havells Wire Price List 2023 PDF Download

Download Havells Cables and Wiring Solutions Prices PDF – Havells India Electric Cables and Wires price list PDF

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with a PDF of the Havells Electrical Cables Price list in India. You can find the latest prices of Havells Wires, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of the post.


Havells Wires

With extensive research and development along with the finest conclusions Havells has developed the best-in-class products and are addressing the continuously changing requirements of customers. The growth in the flexible cables category has been brought about by bringing new and improved things to the interest of customers.

Havells range of cables includes heat resistant flame retardant cables, flame retardant low smoke cables, halogen-free flame retardant cables, flame retardant with a lifeline, multicore round cables, flat submersible cables, telecom switch board, CATV coaxial cables, LAN cables, CCTV cables, and speaker cables. 

Havells Wire Price List

Nominal Area of Conductor sq. mm  Basic Code  List Price in ` per 100 m  Basic Code  List Price in ` per 100 m
2 Core3 Core
0.50 sq. mmWHMFDSKB2X50` 2955.00WHMFDSKB3X50` 3940.00
0.75 sq. mmWHMFDSKB2X75` 3985.00WHMFDSKB3X75` 5295.00
1.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB21X0` 4900.00WHMFDSKB31X0` 6695.00
1.50 sq. mmWHMFDSKB21X5` 6555.00WHMFDSKB31X5` 9095.00
2.50 sq. mmWHMFDSKB22X5` 10325.00WHMFDSKB32X5` 14675.00
4.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB24X0` 15610.00WHMFDSKB34X0` 22120.00
6.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB26X0` 22860.00WHMFDSKB36X0` 33285.00
10.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB2010` 38075.00WHMFDSKB3010` 55260.00
16.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB2016` 62905.00WHMFDSKB3016` 86610.00
25.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB2025` 100310.00WHMFDSKB3025` 142415.00
35.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB2035` 138435.00WHMFDSKB3035` 197770.00
50.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB3050` 279615.00
70.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB3070` 398605.00
95.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB3095` 524660.00
0.50 sq. mmWHMFDSKB5X50` 6085.00WHMFDSKB6X50` 7730.00
0.75 sq. mmWHMFDSKB5X75` 8535.00WHMFDSKB6X75` 10580.00
1.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB51X0` 10910.00WHFFDSKB61X0` 13385.00
1.50 sq. mmWHMFDSKB51X5` 15205.00WHMFDSKB61X5` 18685.00
2.50 sq. mmWHMFDSKB52X5` 24775.00WHMFDSKB62X5` 30305.00
4.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB54X0` 39490.00WHMFDSKB64X0` 47750.00
0.50 sq. mmWHMFDSKB8X50` 10310.00WHMFDSKBCX50` 12430.00
0.75 sq. mmWHMFASKB8X75` 13855.00WHMFDSKBCX75` 16960.00
1.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB81X0` 17705.00WHMFDSKBC1X0` 21575.00
1.50 sq. mmWHMFDSKB81X5` 24750.00WHMFDSKBC1X5` 30765.00
2.50 sq. mmWHMFASKB82X5` 40090.00WHMFDSKBC2X5` 49240.00
4.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKB84X0` 62640.00WHMFDSKBC4X0` 77465.00
0.50 sq. mmWHMFDSKBEX50` 16895.00WHMFDSKBIX50` 19450.00
0.75 sq. mmWHMFASKBEX75` 23110.00WHMFDSKBIX75` 26310.00
1.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKBE1X0` 29830.00WHMFDSKBI1X0` 33645.00
1.50 sq. mmWHMFDSKBE1X5` 42345.00WHMFDSKBI1X5` 47455.00
2.50 sq. mmWHMFDSKBE2X5` 67845.00WHMFDSKBI2X5` 77365.00
4.00 sq. mmWHMFDSKBE4X0` 107265.00WHMFDSKBI4X0` 122395.00


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