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Havells Cooler Price List 2023 PDF Download

Download Havells Desert Coolers Complete Price List with Models and Pictures – Havells Air Coolers Price List PDF

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with a PDF of the Havells Desert Coolers Price list in India. You can find the latest prices of Havells Air Coolers with pictures, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of the post.


Havells Coolers

Being a pioneer in product innovation, Havells has once again brought in a unique range of smart coolers with Breatheezee Technology TM. Unlike the traditional coolers that work on natural evaporative cooling theory, Havells air coolers – with Breatheezee Technology TM – feature dust filters on three sides and completely collapsible louvers on the front to prevent dust from entering the cooler. 

Features of Havells Air Coolers

  • covered water tank to prevent mosquito breeding
  • auto drain for easy drainage of water
  • humidity regulator to regulate water flow on pads
  • temperature display 
  • compact design
  •  air purification system
  • specially processed anti-bacterial, anti-erosion, and anti-deformation honeycomb pads

Havells Cooler Price List

Havells Cooler Price ListPrices
Havells 30 L Tower Air Cooler (Alitura-i 30)₹ 10,117
Havells 50 L Window Air Cooler (Brina Plus)₹ 8,259
Havells 50 L Desert Air Cooler (Brina)₹ 7,799
Havells 55 L Desert Air Cooler (Celia 55)₹ 12,399
Havells 18 L Personal Air Cooler (Tuono)₹ 5,649
Havells 55 L Desert Air Cooler (Celia I)₹ 13,980
Havells 70 L Desert Air Cooler (Freddo I)₹ 15,299
Havells 24 L Personal Air Cooler (Kalt)₹ 4,999
Havells 70 L Desert Air Cooler (Celia 70)₹ 13,499
Havells 32 L Personal Air Cooler (Fresco 32)₹ 9,299


You can download the Havells Air Coolers Price List PDF from the download button given below.

We hope you find this helpful content and are able to download the PDF for the Havells Cooler Prices.

Download Havells Coolers Price List

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