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Grundfos Pumps Australia Price List PDF Download

Download Grundfos Centrifugal Pumps complete product prices in Australian Dollar PDF – Grundfos Pumps and Fittings prices with images in Australia

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with a PDF of the Grundfos Pumps and Fittings price list in Australia. You can find the latest price list of Grundfos Products in Australian Dollars, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of the post.


Grundfos Pumps Australia

Grundfos Pumps Pty Ltd is Australia’s part of a global network delivering pumping expertise and innovation in over 80 countries. The local business was established in 1980 to meet and serve the unique needs of Australia’s mining, industry, agriculture, utilities, property and domestic sectors.

As part of the International Grundfos Group, we are also able to provide Australians with rapid access to the latest pumping technologies and innovations, including ongoing improvements in performance, materials, special applications, power sources and operating efficiency. 

Grundfos Pumps Price List in Australia

NamePriceDiscount Price
Grundfos Unilift CC9-A1 Submersible Drainage Pump (Flow 170 LPM)$569.80$399.00
Grundfos Unilift CC7-A1 Submersible Drainage Pump (Flow 170 LPM)$436.70$305.00
Grundfos Unilift CC5-A1 Submersible Drainage Pump (Flow 100 LPM)$377.30$265.00
Grundfos SB3-45AW Multistage Submersible Pump (Flow 110 LPM)$1,453.10$945.00
Grundfos SB3-35AW Multistage Submersible Pump (Flow 100 LPM)$1,379.40$899.00
Grundfos JP5-48-PTV Self Priming Jet Pump (Flow 90 LPM)$885.50$575.00
Grundfos JP4-54-PTV Self Priming Jet Pump (Flow 85 LPM)$833.80$545.00
Grundfos JP4-47-PTV Self Priming Jet Pump (Flow 75 LPM)$797.50$520.00
Grundfos JP3-42-PTV Self Priming Jet Pump (Flow 57 LPM)$762.30$499.00
Grundfos JP5-48-PM1 Self Priming Jet Pump (Flow 90 LPM)$963.60$630.00
Grundfos JP4-54-PM1 Self Priming Jet Pump (Flow 85 LPM)$884.40$575.00
Grundfos JP4-47-PM1 Self Priming Jet Pump (Flow 75 LPM)$807.40$525.00
Grundfos JP3-42-PM1 Self Priming Jet Pump (Flow 57 LPM)$775.50$505.00
Grundfos SBA3-45A Auto Multistage Submersible Pump (Flow 110 LPM)$1,386.00$900.00
Grundfos SB3-45A Multistage Submersible Pump (Flow 110 LPM)$1,194.60$780.00
Grundfos CM-PS CMB5-47 Multistage Pump  (Flow 110 LPM)$1,834.80$1,099.00
Grundfos CM-PS CMB3-37 Multistage Pump (Flow 85 LPM)$1,334.30$870.00
Grundfos CM-PS CMB1-36 Multistage Pump  (Flow 50 LPM)$1,223.20$799.00
Grundfos ALPHA2 25-60N-180 Circulator Pump (Flow 60 LPM)$1,316.70$925.00
Grundfos ALPHA2 25-60N-130 Circulator Pump (Flow 60 LPM)$1,316.70$925.00
Grundfos ALPHA2 25-60-180 Circulator Pump (Flow 60 LPM)$830.50$585.00
Grundfos ALPHA2 25-60-130 Circulator Pump (Flow 60 LPM)$830.50$585.00
Grundfos Comfort UP15-14BA PM GB Circulator Pump$623.70$440.00
Grundfos Comfort UP15-14B PM GB Circulator Pump$396.00$279.99
Grundfos UPS32-100-180 Circulator Pump$1,683.00$1,180.00
Grundfos UPS32-80-180 Circulator Pump$1,267.20$890.00
Grundfos UPS25-100-180 Circulator Pump$1,530.10$1,075.00
Grundfos UPS25-80-180 Circulator Pump$1,013.10$710.00
Grundfos UPS25-60-130 Circulator Pump$470.80$330.00
Grundfos UPS32-100N-180 Circulator Pump$1,888.70$1,324.99
Grundfos UPS32-80N-180 Circulator Pump$1,735.80$1,214.99
Grundfos AP50-50-11-A1 Automatic Submersible Pump (Flow 550 LPM)$2,715.90$1,900.00
Grundfos SBA3-35A Auto Multistage Submersible Pump (Flow 100 LPM)$1,320.00$860.00
Grundfos SB3-35A Multistage Submersible Pump (Flow 100 LPM)$1,083.50$705.00
Grundfos PM Rain Controller$1,032.90$675.00
Grundfos CMB5-46 Multistage Pump (Flow 120 LPM)$1,414.60$920.00
Grundfos CMB3-37 Multistage Pump (Flow 85 LPM)$1,092.30$710.00
Grundfos CMB1-36 Multistage Pump (Flow 50 LPM)$1,031.80$670.00
Grundfos CMB-SP5-47 Self Priming Multistage Pump (Flow 110 LPM)$2,170.30$1,410.00
Grundfos CMB-SP3-47 Self Priming Multistage Pump (Flow 90 LPM)$1,796.30$1,170.00
Grundfos CMBE5-62 Variable Speed Pump (Flow 130 LPM)$4,809.20$3,125.00
Grundfos CMBE3-62 Variable Speed  Pump (Flow 95 LPM)$3,297.80$2,145.00
Grundfos CMBE1-44 Variable Speed Pump (Flow 50 LPM)$2,817.10$1,835.00
Grundfos AP50B-50-11-A1V Automatic Submersible Pump (Flow 466 LPM)$1,771.00$1,240.00
Grundfos AP50B-50-08-A1V Automatic Submersible Pump (Flow 410 LPM)$1,329.90$930.00
Grundfos AP35B-50-08-A1V Automatic Submersible Pump (Flow 340 LPM)$1,081.30$760.00
Grundfos AP35B-50-06-A1V Automatic Submersible Pump (Flow 300 LPM)$929.50$650.00
Grundfos AP12-40-08-A1 Automatic Submersible Pump (Flow 400 LPM)$1,283.70$900.00
Grundfos AP12-40-06-A1 Auto Submersible Pump (Flow 350 LPM)$1,179.20$825.00
Grundfos AP12-40-04-A1 Auto Submersible Pump (Flow 300 LPM)$1,108.80$780.00
Grundfos KP350-AV-1 Automatic Submersible Pump (Flow 240 LPM)$1,190.20$835.00
Grundfos KP250-AV-1 Automatic Submersible Pump (Flow 170 LPM)$820.60$575.00
Grundfos KP150-AV-1 Automatic Submersible Pump (Flow 140 LPM)$600.60$420.00
Grundfos KP350-A-1 Automatic Submersible Pump (Flow 240 LPM)$1,035.10$725.00
Grundfos KP250-A-1 Automatic Submersible Pump (Flow 170 LPM)$794.20$554.99
Grundfos KP150-A-1 Automatic Submersible Pump (140 LPM)$651.20$455.00
Grundfos Sololift2 C-3 Pump$1,524.60$1,069.99
Grundfos Sololift2 WC-3 Pump$1,645.60$1,155.00
Grundfos Sololift2 WC-1 Pump$1,357.40$1,324.99
Grundfos Liftaway C40-1 Lifting Station$874.50$615.00
Grundfos UPS25-80N-180 Circulator Pump (Flow 130 LPM)$1,455.30$1,020.00
Grundfos UPS25-60N-180 Circulator Pump (Flow 70 LPM)$830.50$585.00
Grundfos UPS20-60N-150 Circulator Pump (Flow 70 LPM)$878.90$615.00
Grundfos CMB-SP5-28 Self Priming Multistage Pump (Flow 120 LPM)$1,760.00$1,145.00
Grundfos CMB-SP3-56 Self Priming Multistage Pump (Flow 95 LPM)$1,930.50$1,255.00
Grundfos CMB-SP3-37 Self Priming Multistage Pump (Flow 85 LPM)$1,625.80$1,060.00
Grundfos CMB-SP3-28 Self Priming Multistage Pump (Flow 80 LPM)$1,558.70$1,015.00
Grundfos CMB-SP1-36 Self Priming Multistage Pump (Flow 50 LPM)$1,268.30$825.00
Grundfos UPA15-90N Hot Water Circulator Pump$683.10$480.00
Grundfos SCALA2 3-45 Variable Speed Multistage Pump (Flow 64 LPM)$1,542.20$899.00
Grundfos SCALA1 3-35 Self Priming Booster Pump (Flow 85 LPM)$1,016.40$715.00
Grundfos SCALA1 5-55 Self Priming Booster Pump (Flow 120 LPM)$1,283.70$899.00
Grundfos SBA3-35A & Aquasaver 20mm Kit$1,696.20$1,100.00
Grundfos UP20-30N-150 Circulator Pump$696.30$490.00
Grundfos SBA3-45A & Aquasaver 20mm Kit$1,753.40$1,140.00
Grundfos UP20-45N-150 Circulator Pump$946.00$664.99
Grundfos JP3-42 Self Priming Manual Jet Pump (Flow 55 LPM)$528.00$345.00
Grundfos JP4-47 Self Priming Manual Jet Pump (Flow 75 LPM)$594.00$389.99
Grundfos JP4-54 Self Priming Manual Jet Pump (Flow 78 LPM)$673.20$635.00
Grundfos JP5-48 Self Priming Manual Jet Pump (Flow 90 LPM)$702.90$460.00
Grundfos NS3-40 Electric Transfer Pump (Flow 90 LPM)$712.80$499.00
Grundfos NS4-23 Electric Transfer Pump (Flow 100 LPM)$517.00$360.00
Grundfos NS5-33 Electric Transfer Pump (Flow 130 LPM)$700.70$490.00
Grundfos NS5-60 Electric Transfer Pump (Flow 130 LPM)$1,259.50$880.00
Grtundfos NS30-18 Electric Transfer Pump (Flow 660 LPM)$1,105.50$774.99
Grundfos Unilift APG.40.10.A1 Grinder Pump$2,263.80$1,595.00
Grundfos 8 Litre Steel Pressure Tank$119.90$80.00
Grundfos 18 Litre Steel Pressure Tank$154.00$100.00
Grundfos 60 Litre Steel Pressure Tank$478.50$315.00
Grundfos 100 Litre Steel Pressure Tank$683.10$450.00
Grundfos SQ1 – 3 Inch Submersible Borehole Pump (Fixed Speed)$866.00 – $2,654.00
Grundfos SQ2 – 3 Inch Submersible Borehole Pump (Fixed Speed)$861.00 – $2,429.00
Grundfos SQ3 – 3 Inch Submersible Borehole Pump (Fixed Speed)$907.01 – $2,268.00
Grundfos SQ5 – 3 Inch Submersible Borehole Pump (Fixed Speed)$1,027.00 – $1,921.00


You can download the Grundfos Pumps Products Price List PDF in Australian Dollars from the download button given below.

We hope you find this helpful content and are able to download the PDF for the price list of the Grundfos Pipes and Pumps in Australia.

Download Grundfos Pumps Price List in Australia

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