मेकअप सामान लिस्ट – Cosmetic Items Names List in Hindi PDF Download



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मेकअप सामान लिस्ट – Cosmetic Items Names List in Hindi PDF Download

Download Cosmetic Items Name List for makeup for ladies- Cosmetic Items complete name list in Hindi and English PDF Download

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with a PDF of the Cosmetic Items Names for ladies. You can find the Cosmetic Items Names in English and Hindi, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of the post.


Cosmetic Items Name List Hindi

People use cosmetics to keep clean and enhance their beauty. These products range from lipstick and nail polish to deodorant, perfume, hairspray, shampoo, shower gel, tattoos, hair adhesives, hair removal products, hair dyes, most soaps, some tooth whiteners, and some cleansing wipes.


The major product categories in the cosmetic industry are skin care, hair care, perfumes, deodorants, toiletries, and make-up. Beyond physical health, cosmetics can help to improve our mood, enhance our appearance, and boost our self-esteem. They can also help to exhibit personal style and, as such, are an important means of social expression.

Cosmetic Items List

  • प्राइमर – Primer
  • ‌कंसीलर या फाउंडेशन – Concealer / Foundation
  • ‌कंपैक्ट – Compact
  • ‌आई शैडो – Eye shadow
  • ‌आई लाइनर – Eye Liner
  • ‌मसकारा – Maskara
  • ‌आइब्रो पेंसिल – Eyebrow Pencil
  • ‌काजल – Kajal
  • ‌लिपस्टिक या लिप कलर – Lipstick / Lip Color
  • ‌ब्लश – Blush
  • ‌नेल पॉलिश – Nail Polish
  • ‌नेल पेंट रिमूवर – Nail Pent Remover
  • ‌सनस्क्रीन – Sun Screen
  • ‌मास्चराइजर – Moisturizer
  • ‌मेकअप रिमूवर – Makeup Remover
  • ‌वेट टिश्यू – Wet Tissue
  • ‌फेस मास्क – Face Mask
  • ‌सीट मास्क – Sheet Mask
  • ‌फेस वॉश या क्लींजर Face Wash / clinger
  • ‌लिप बाम – Lip Bam
  • ‌परफ्यूम – Perfume
  • ‌फेस पैक – Face Pack
  • ‌हाइलाइटर – Highlighter
  • ‌कॉन्टूर – Contour
  • ‌लिप लाइनर – Lip Linner
  • ‌ब्रोंजर – Bronger
  • ‌डे क्रीम – Day Creem
  • ‌नाइट क्रीम – Night Creem
  • ‌फेस पाउडर -Face Powder
  • ‌बिंदी – Bindi
  • ‌सिंदूर – Sindur


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We hope you find this helpful content and are able to download the PDF for the Cosmetics Items Names complete list in Hindi.

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