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Bridgestone Tyre Price List 2023 PDF Download

Download Bridgestone Tyres with Description and Size complete price list PDF – Bridgestone Tyres for all automobiles Price List

Welcome to our new post. This post will provide you with a PDF of the Bridgestone Tyres all types Prices. You can find the price list of Bridgestone Tyres for all car models, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of the post.


Bridgestone Tyre

Bridgestone, in a short stint of 20 years in India has grown to tremendous heights. It has become one of the major suppliers to almost all the reputed Original Equipment manufacturing (OEM) companies in India. Quality has always been a premium at Bridgestone and the strict standards followed, are certified by the world’s leading authority in quality certifications.


In the past decade, India has seen tremendous growth in the automobile segment. Bridgestone has been able to spearhead its contribution in this booming passenger car market and has become one of the preferred OEM suppliers to major car manufacturers in India.

Bridgestone Tyres Price List

We have also shared the Apollo Tyre Catalogue, CEAT Tyres Price List, and MRF Tyres Price List on our website. The manufactured tyres from these companies overlap to a large extent in terms of piece quality and prices. 

Tyre TypeTyre PatternDescription and SizeList PriceGov Price
Off RoadALL TRC UTILALL TRC UTIL10.0/10.5-20625375.05
FarmFARM TIREFARM TIRE10.00-15188144.76
FarmAG FRNT 3RIBAG FRNT 3RIB10.00-16195150.15
FarmCH GG 3R HDCH GG 3R HD10.00-16200161.7
FarmCH GG 3R HDSSCH GG 3R HDSS 10.00-16 TLF-2NYA88265204.05
FarmCH GG 4-R SSCH GG 4-R SS10.00-16268206.36
FarmCH GG 4-RIBCH GG 4-RIB 10.00-16 TLF-2NYA88196150.92
Off RoadFAST GRIP D2AFAST GRIP D2A10.00-20903568.89
Off RoadVSDL D2AVSDL D2A10.00R151594.131034.43
Off RoadALL TRC UTILALL TRC UTIL10.5/80-18329197.42
Off RoadSKID STEERSKID STEER10-16.5175110.25
Medium TruckFD663FD663 10R22.5 TLSTF12532.53400.28
Medium TruckFS560FS56010R22.5592.89398.42
Medium TruckFS561FS56110R22.5547.08403.17
Medium TruckFS561FS561 10R22.5 TLSTGL14561.03414.57
Medium TruckM726ELM726EL10R22.5724.32521.56
Medium TruckM726ELAM726ELA10R22.5738.81531.99
Medium TruckR268 ECOPIAR268 ECOPIA10R22.5687.83494.94
Medium TruckR268 ECOPIAR268 ECOPIA10R22.5698.96342
FarmAG FRNT 4RIBAG FRNT 4RIB 11.00-16 TLF-2NYA88219168.63
FarmCH GG 3R HDCH GG 3R HD 11.00-16 TTF-2NYA88248158.47
FarmCH GG 3R HDSSCH GG 3R HDSS11.00-16315242.55
FarmCH GG 4-R SSCH GG 4-R SS11.00-16327251.79
FarmCH GG 4-RIBCH GG 4-RIB 11.00-16 TLF-2NYA88262211.75
FarmCH GG 4-RIBCH GG 4-RIB11.00-16262201.74
FarmCH GG 4-RIBCH GG 4-RIB 11.00-16 TLF-2NY123A812412317.24
Off RoadFAST GRIPFAST GRIP11.00-20931.35586.75
Medium TruckM857M85711.00R241052.26649.5
FarmFARM SVC DIAFARM SVC DIA11.2-24611470.47
FarmIRR SPECIALIRR SPECIAL11.2-24288.79222.37
FarmSAT II 23SAT II 23 11.2-24 TLR-1NYA88293.98226.36
FarmTRAC F&RTRAC F&R11.2-24375.04288.78
FarmFIELD & ROADFIELD & ROAD11.2-28477.26367.49


You can download the Bridgestone Tyres Price List PDF from the download button given below.

We hope you find this helpful content and are able to download the PDF for the Bridgestone Tyres Prices.

Download Bridgestone Tyres Price List

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